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With today's personal identity threats; our commercial shredder will shred credit cards. If you are our client and have cards that you want shredded feel free to drop them by and we will dispose of them for you (free of charge) in your presence. We even suggest the unsolicited ones you get in the mail be shredded for your protection.  

A heartfelt thank you to our clients who support us and make us successful. Thank  you for your continued patronage and support.  We appreciate you choosing to do business with us and strive to give  you a great product at an affordable price. 

Dorinda Kisner and staff. 

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Tax Tips and Updates

Did you know if you are mailing something and need PROOF you did; you can request a Certificate of Mailing? The cost is only $1.40 for a letter or can be purchased for a batch of letters. i.e. this could be used to PROVE to the IRS you mailed a certain document. A Certificate of Mailing is a receipt that provides evidence of the date that your mail was presented to the Postal Service™ for mailing. Much cheaper than registered return receipt, etc. 

We are pleased to announce the addition to our staff Sarah Trottier. Sarah (Hoalcraft) Trottier grew up in Keyser, WV. She attended both Potomac State College and West Virginia University and holds a BA in Psychology. She had a 6 year career in human services that began in Terra Alta at Hopemont Hospital. Sarah went back to school at Frostburg State University for her BS in Accounting after becoming interested in the finance side of her position as Welfare to Work Coordinator for Garrett County and taking a personal enrichment course on income tax preparation. Sarah brings three tax seasons and five plus years of accounting experience to the table. She currently lives in Oakland with her husband and daughter. In her free time she enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, and photography. 


Please see our tax Law updates page regarding the 199A deduction application to rentals - if you have a rental.


Sellers beware!  The regs state that a 1231 gain treated as capital is excluded from the calculation of QBI, meaning that such gains are not eligible for the 20% deduction. The regs are inconsistent when it comes to the treatment of 1231 losses treated as ordinary – such losses will reduce a taxpayer’s QBI. So while 1231 gains do not qualify for the 20% deduction, losses will reduce the taxpayer’s income eligible for the 20% deduction. What a mess!


Reminder if you take mileage expenses on your tax return; it is very wise to write down your odometer reading on or around December 31 for purposes of tracking total miles used on your vehicles. We recommend this to all our clients. Remember the IRS doesn't just ask how many business miles you drove in 2018 but how many TOTAL miles you drove in 2018.


We now have the night drop box open for use and drive thru too! If we are not open when you need to drop off paperwork, please use the first lane drive thru where you will find the secure night depository. If you want to drop something off during office hours, feel free to drive thru the first lane and we will be alerted by our security system that you are present.


We issued a reminder to clients last year but this requests are resurfacing. No, any form you receive trying to charge your company money from Workplace Compliance Services is NOT required and not a government requirement. Last year I was told by the attorney general's office they were investigating this but do NOT be confused; you can download all notices you are required to have for free and you do NOT need to file, pay or complete these notices from Workplace Compliance Services. It borders on a scam the way they do this. BEWARE.

​You can download the posters you need for free; don't be scammed by these mailings.  




Yes you do have to poster labor laws;  no you don't have to pay for them


For more recent updates please visit our 
Tax Law Updates page.